Noah’s Story

With Noah’s first breath on November 29th, 2008 my husband and I feel our lives truly began, and when he looked up at us with those stunning blue eyes, our hearts filled with unimaginable bliss. Each day of Noah’s first five months were filled with joy and awe; he had reached so many milestones: turning over, sitting and standing with support, laughing and cooing to us, and eating solid foods (butternut squash and avocado the clear favorites).

But on Monday, April 20th, our little Noah’s life changed dramatically. He was shaken by his daycare provider Trudy Munoz Rueda and within minutes began to seize. He continued to seize until he arrived at the INOVA Fairfax emergency room where a huge team of doctors worked diligently to save him. Those first hours were so dark, as Noah was in such critical condition that we weren’t sure he would survive. With God’s grace, he pulled through those early hours and was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, where he stayed for 10 more days, followed by another 8 days on the pediatric wing.

Noah is now 2 years old, and in April 2011 it will have been two long years since that fateful Monday afternoon. In the last two years we have endured a long legal battle and 7 days of a trial. Trudy Munoz Rueda has since been sentenced to 10 and a half years and is now serving her time, as her defense attorneys file for appeal. Noah suffered from dozens of seizures a day until the Ketogenic diet finally gave his brain a much-needed break. Noah currently has many therapies: occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, and an Early Infant Educator. He sees two neurologists, an ophthalmologist, orthopedist, physiatrist, and specialists at Kennedy Krieger’s Brain Rehabilitation unit.

The road ahead remains uncertain. Only time will tell us how much brain damage he has and how this damage will affect his ability to learn and function. Because the force from the shaking caused serious bleeding behind both his retinas, his vision is damaged. It will be a long road.

Despite the tragedy of little Noah’s story, Noah’s Road has been created with hope. We want everyone to know our little guy; we want everyone to love him and share their positive thoughts and prayers on his behalf. We hope that if you are visiting Noah’s Road that you will share it with your friends and that you will ask your friends to share it with theirs. Only this way can the healing power of love and prayer help our son – our heart and our breath – to heal.

We understand that reading Noah’s story brings to light so many questions and anger about how someone could do this to a loving, helpless child. We are angry. We are devastated. However, Noah’s Road is dedicated to hope and prayer, not in any way a medium to condemn the woman who did this to him. Please keep your comments positive.

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